A platform gamers thought could only exist in sci-fi movies. It tackles one of the oldest internet dreams: “Play games, get money.”


It was our mission to create a responsive platform for the gaming community, giving gamers easy access to tournaments and new friends.


We love a good challenge and the challenges for ForPlayers success were creating a community around the product to increase loyalty and give players a sense of belonging, gamification to increase retention and other smaller details. When we got the brief, our immediate reaction was: “Challenge accepted.” 400 working hours later, we’re glad we accepted the challenge.

Feeling of community

One of the most important aspects of every product is the community behind it. Without a community the product is just a facade with no substance or soul.

We added a chat sidebar on all the important screens, to enable users to easily connect with one another and grow their network of gamer friends. We divided the chat into 2 tabs; general and gamer’s home country.

A community page with leaderboard is a map of the best players of the community. It is a place where players get recognition for their dedication, hard work and talent.


It would truly be strange if a platform for gamers didn’t have some gaming aspects. Thus we carefully designed only the ones that can propel the brand forward.

We chose to design badges for users. So that their profiles can boast their achievements. It makes one feel like one of those army generals with hundreds of badges and medals. Once a badge is achieved, an interactive reward screen shows up, rewarding the user with a prize and showing him achievements he has yet to unlock. This builds user retention as they get rewarded for their dedication and play time.

One of the timeless elements of gamification is, of course, a leaderboard. There is nothing like the good spirit of competition to motivate users to play more, to improve their skills and to become the best ForPlayers players.


As part of our design process we test everything we do. When we were testing ForPlayers, we noticed that users received many notifications. To make sure the user doesn’t get overflooded and lost in them, we organised them. We still kept a notification log that lists every single notification received, but we also created category based notifications. Thus ForPlayers has notification tabs with notifications from different categories, such as live duels, tournaments, messages and completed duels/tournaments.

Making it fun

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in personalization of user profiles in games. This enables users to express themselves, beyond the standard game equipment. We wanted ForPlayers users to feel that same feeling of self expression. So, to do this we created our very own avatar generator, that enables users to create their own unique avatar.

We also added slick UI animations that entice the player to keep playing to see what happens next.


Every company has it’s own design process. It is it’s signature as much as the brand itself is. This is no different at Koncepted. For this project our design process started by doing the branding and then focusing on the platform design. As part of the platform design we created wireframes, designed screens, optimised for mobile, designed a seamless user experience and created unique icons and illustrations.


In today’s crowded world it is important to stand out. Products have to stand out for their excellence, but also for feeling they provide. That’s where the brand comes in. A brand is the visual association of the feelings users have towards a product. Thus it’s important for it to be memorable and consistent throughout the platform. That’s exactly what we did for ForPlayers. A strong, friendly and recognizable symbol. It consists of a gamepad icon and a passionate beardy gamer, that can one day be developed into a character to boost engagement.


In this project the two most important actions the user can take were challenging other gamers to duels or joining tournaments. We explored the best way to design a platform that would promote these features and still have a very clear and easy navigation, by making wireframes. Wireframes help make sense of the user journey and give first glimpses of the final design.

Platform design

The next thing we focused on is the platform design. We took all the wireframes and combined them to make sure they present a seamless user experience. This attention to detail ensures a good user experience, as the platform is consistent in all aspects.

As a whole the platform’s focus is on community and many different games. ForPlayers will launch with league of legends first, so it was important for us to differentiate users by regions. We created a region unlocking feature that only unlocks a region when 1000 players from that region sign up to the platform. This might seem very miniscule, but it was an important detail to ensure the platform doesn’t feel empty. If it were, it wouldn’t be able to offer the true experience of community. We also put a lot of effort into designing a platform that is scalable to as many games as the creators want.


Since a lot of users will visit the platform on mobile as well. We ensured ForPlayers responsively presents it’s brand to mobile users. We made sure all screens look well designed and are useful even on the smallest of screens.

User Experience

User Experience makes or breaks every product. It doesn’t matter if the interface is well designed if it isn’t useful to the target audience. If it offers a negative experience, nobody will use it. We at Koncepted pay special attention to UX. To ensure ForPlayers users won’t be disappointed or negatively surprised we implemented many UX tweaks.

Icons and illustrations

The final step was to enrich the User Interface by designing custom icons and illustrations. We ensured all icons fit the brand we created, as platform consistency is key for an engaging platform. We designed badges for gamer’s achievements that would reward them and release a bit of dopamine in their brains. Another thing we established was the avatar generation system that enables complete personalization. In addition we added illustrations all over the site and e-mails, to ensure ForPlayers as a platform truly stands out.


400 hours


branding web design mobile design custom icons custom illustrations animations user experience


Because we can let our creative mind go crazy and at the same time we feel like we provide real value to our clients. So the natural next question is, what are you working on? We’re super interested to work on it with you.