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Big goals mean big achievements. For most people sometimes, for us it’s become a habit. I guess it’s just one of those things. Perhaps it has something to do with us always making sure our work adds significant value to the business of our clients. In the case of Gigpop we were asked to design irresistible DJ profiles and a very simple and well thought out user experience for the DJ booking process. A user experience focused on a high retention and a small bounce rate.


You know that quote about challenges? Yeah that one. That’s the one we’re thinking about every time we take on a challenge. Quite honestly, challenges like these are a piece of cake for us. Do you have one for us?

Discovering DJs

One of the biggest challenges for the design process was to ensure our users got matched with the right DJ for their event. Since we understood the importance of search in this context, we made the homepage be the main search function. We always feature DJs at the bottom of the page and once a user starts a more detailed search the page scales to allow better listings with additional filters. More filters mean a greater chance of finding the perfect match for our users needs.

Booking process

In cases like this it is important to research existing processes, to analyse them and then to optimise and improve. Looking at existing ways of hiring a DJ we realised that we could completely improve the process. Thus we used an Airbnb type booking process, where a user sends an offer to a DJ, thus gaining the ability to chat to the DJ and getting to know him. If they get along and are on the same page, they make a contract, binding the DJ to perform and the user to pay. Once the DJ performs he gets reviewed and paid.

Customised DJ profiles

Each DJ has their own brand. Thus it was an obvious choice to design a transparent UI that sets the spotlight on the DJ’s brand and away from other UI blocks and text. They also have several customisable features available to convince users to hire them for their next gig. Each DJ can upload their tracks, custom cover photos, custom avatars and even a background video. Furthermore they can change layouts to the one that best fits their brand and content, making their profile unique. The platform also features parallax scrolling giving it more depth and a 3D feel to make it stunning and memorable.


Yeah, yeah, yeah i know. Process, schmocess. But, no, no no, wait it’s not like that. We have a simple process to reduce bureaucracy and Leeroy Jeeeeeeeeenkins type of work, while raising accountability and improving results. Koncepted’s process is here to ensure all our work is.. hmm what’s the word I’m looking for… oh yeah, awesome, to ensure all our work is awesome.


What’s a company if not it’s brand? The brand answers the most important question clients have. It’s of course: “Why should we care?” With Gigpop it was quite easy. Gigpop gives event planners the unprecedented ability to find the best DJs for their events, because it believes the world is a happier place when good DJs play at events.

For this we designed a premium yet playful logo that embodies that mission. A simple, descriptive, adaptable and recognisable symbol. Consisting of a music note combined with a list icon, it can be put in any color, any image, any style and always stay recognisable and truly memorable.


Icons, icons, icons it’s all about the icons. And you know we’re not talking about fashion. No,we’re talking about that small visual element that reinforces a brand.

It’s a small detail that gives depth to a brand and gives it a chance to again remind the user why they chose this brand and no others. We designed unique minimal icons to fit with the brand and support it.

Platform design

The platform itself features minimal styling. It is designed to make DJs, their songs and their photos stand out. We were able to achieve this by designing the whole user interface with a translucent effect. Thus, no matter the background image the platform still looks as beautiful as when it was designed.

The success of every platform is with it’s customers. If the customers don’t get what you’re doing or if it’s too complicated for them, they won’t bother. Therefore it was very important to make the user experience very pleasant. All important actions have huge contrast, making them clear to see. At the same time, these actions offer clarity, since users know where the action will take them and what happens if they reverse it.

The flow of the platform is designed to lead users from the moment of DJ search and discovery, through booking and to finalising the gig. During search and discovery, customers have the ability to listen to a DJ’s tracks before booking them. Once an offer is sent, the ability to chat with the DJ is enabled. They can see if they’re a fit, and finalise gig ideas, themes, sets and details, before, finally, signing a contract, binding the DJ to perform and the client to pay.

However, what good are customers, if a platform can’t provide the service they are looking for. Since we’ve done this before, we realized this and took special care of our DJs. We designed a user journey that takes them through a simple and fast onboarding process where they customise their profile in a live view, that changes the profile as they enter data, that ends with the dashboard. A unique feature for DJs to respond to and manage their bookings.

Furthermore we want to make sure our DJs grow with the platform so we give them tips and tricks how to improve their profile and brand to get more widespread recognition. We give them the ability to promote their events, post from Gigpop to social media and even generate party posters.

That’s how we designed Gigpop, a DJ’s one stop shop for all their party gig needs.


150 hours


branding web design custom icons animations user experience


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