Show off your favourite gaming moments.
Make highlights from your gameplay videos.


Our goal for this platform was a simple one, but one that required a lot of planning. We wanted to create a platform, that gamers take for their own. A platform that feels like their second home. A platform that enables them to showcase their skills and easily create highlights from their gameplay videos on both mobile and web.


There were quite a couple of challenges on this project. But more about that in a bit. Now it’s time for our little SEO intermezzo. Snail farm, toe workout, chicken nuggets make you fit, is my mac trying to kill me, is my boyfriend cheating on me, how to get abs with no fitness work, magic for beginners, is a dog really a cat 3.0, nasty santa, DIY iPhone 7 and waterproof electricity. There, we’re done. These are all our most important keywords. Sorry for the interruption, our SEO manager told us this is what we need to get awesome clients coming our way (seems like it’s working already!!!!), but you’re free to return back to reading about design challenges we faced.


Your product is useless if it is not intuitive enough to use. The user is always right and there is no greater user agony than when something doesn’t work logically or is confusing. To avoid this, we did a few experiments positioning the navigation function. We were torn between placing it on top and on the sides. However in the end the sides positioning prevailed as it offered users the ability to quickly change between screens without scrolling and enabled jist.tv to show more content.

Highlight card

This little box was a big challenge that we overcame with a simple concept, that ensures users don’t get distracted. Users first consume content and are then compelled to share/comment/whatever they want to do. We did this by placing the creator on top with the title and different actions on the bottom. We did what any reasonable man or women would do and followed the advice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: “FOCUS.” He said it well and we used it. And it paid off, our users have never been more focused on content.


We said collecting, not hoarding, Homer Collyer. We wanted users to be organised and have easy access to their favorite highlights. Thus we enabled them to drag and drop their highlights to the right sidebar. In this way they have a collection of their favorite highlights always at their fingertips.

Consistency between
app and web

Consistency is key to excellence. We’re pretty sure somebody important said that. If not, we just did, booyah. Booyah. Consistency. We ensured we offered the same brand experience no matter the medium, be it mobile or web. Focusing first on mobile app design and later on web design, to ensure the platform looked good even on the smallest medium.



For all you who know how useful moodboards are, we don’t need to explain this concept any further. But for the rest, get ready, because we’re about to drop some knowledge. It’s a great way to brainstorm and set the ambient of your projects and mapping out what you want it to become. We research the web far and wide in order to find as many diverse possible websites for inspiration for the jist.tv brand. We do this in order to really create something that is unique and offers users an experience unlike any other. In case of Jist.tv we decided to craft a brand story that is appealing to gamers, magical and focused on promoting the content.


What’s a good platform if not a collection of it’s service or product and brand. A brand makes it recognisable, memorable and unique. For jist.tv, we created a logo that represents highlights. Combining multiple play icons together to form a unified play icon. The chosen colours are inspired by the gaming champion with an aura around them. We also complimented the symbol shape and chosen colors by adding a custom typography.

Mobile first

We’re not talking about responsive. No no no. We’re talking about mobile son. Straight up mobile. Mobile and chill anyone?

So yeah, we first designed the mobile app so the platform looks amazing even on the smallest medium. We made the main screen be a mobile feed of the most trending highlights with a search feature, enabling users to quickly search whatever they want. Users can comment on highlights, share and even like them. We added further mobile features so that when users go into landscape mode, the highlights go full screen. When in full screen mode, users can go to the next highlight or the previous one by swiping left or right.


Continuing the interface style from the app, we tweaked the design to fit the bigger medium and offer a great user experience. It has the functions of the app, with additional capabilities of creating new highlight or importing them from twitch or youtube, via chrome extensions.

Clicking on a highlight enlarges it to take over the screen with the comment section on the side.

We designed a simple 3 step process a user must go through to create a highlight. First the user has to import the video from his source. Jist.tv supports twitch, youtube or even exporting from a game. They continue by selecting the highlight as a timeframe of the original video. The selected timeframe is then cut out from the video, saved and ready to share. On the other hand jist.tv also offers a premium feature and a unique value proposition for users

who don’t want to go through this process themselves. Jist.tv features an Artificial Intelligence like system unlike any of it’s competitiors that can automatically generate highlights for users.

Users also have the capability of viewing their recent activities in the activity log. This section also features account settings.


One of the biggest mistakes people do on their websites is using stock icons. Think about it this way. Your website is not the only place your brand is present. No, your brand transcends that. It is present in everything you do, from every interaction you have with your clients in cold mails, sales, customer support, social media to your product. A website or a platform is just one of the ways to promote your brand, and as such all elements present on it should fit your brand and help make it unique. These are of course details that make your brand more special and lovable, but that’s what puts your brand close to customers’ hearts. What Koncepted did in this project was design custom icons that are used both in app and on the website. Thus establishing a solid connection between the two, making them feel familiar if you use one or the other and fitting the Jist.tv brand story.


220 hours


branding web design mobile design custom icons app design
user experience


Because we can let our creative mind go crazy and at the same time we feel like we provide real value to our clients. So the natural next question is, what are you working on? We’re super interested to work on it with you.