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We partnered with Hackster to help them bring their vision to life by designing new features and providing marketing assets.
adam from hackster sent us a task...
“I have a meeting in two weeks and I need you to beautify my deck. Be creative and do your magic!”
Hackster’s deck was perfectly matched to their brand identity. The objective was to make it extremly visual and inspire engagement. Every slide has only 15% of textual content and the rest is either hardware photos or unique illustrations and icons.
Besides presentation decks and website UI & UX, we’ve also helped Hackster with promotional content such as event banners and custom-made T-Shirt print design.
The truth is that we work best with clients who show us trust and give us creative freedom. We will do our very best to share our knowledge with you and use our design hacks to achieve any type of business objective you need to accomplish.
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