making it easier for gamers to show off
We’re working with an eSport startup Jist.tv on maintaining their brand identity, designing new website & app interfaces and providing marketing graphics.
sangita from jist.tv sent us a task...
“We need a new super simple landing page that fits with existing UI, has a list of all game categories and displays our features.”
The landing page was designed with a focus on interactivity and ease of use. Gamers can play around with game cards that jump and glow on mouse hover. The sidebar has a minimalistic vibe, display only the most essential links, but once you hover it, you can discover more sublinks that allow gamers to find out new things they can do on the platform.
We worked on everything from designing an onboarding flow and customer experience to creating a multiple states of a single screen which gave the development team better overview of how things should work.
The truth is that we work best with clients who show us trust and give us creative freedom. We will do our very best to share our knowledge with you and use our design hacks to achieve any type of business objective you need to accomplish.
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