Crowdfunding eSports Platform
We help Matcherino grow by taking care of their design needs such as creating new website features and providing marketing graphics.
grant from matcherino sent us a task...
“I’m looking to get a new UI for our cards which will be used on our platform to display events, rewards and venues.”
UI cards were designed to give you valuable information before you commit to leaving existing page. The challenge was to create a clean layout that allows cards to be stacked and doesn’t overcrowd the listings page with too many vivid visuals.
Besides UI cards, we also helped Matcherino with creating ticket purchasing flows, booking flows and designed the entire backend dashboard for event creators. We even helped them with putting together an engaging graphs and illustrations for their investor deck and rendered an animation for the Twitch promo.
The truth is that we work best with clients who show us trust and give us creative freedom. We will do our very best to share our knowledge with you and use our design hacks to achieve any type of business objective you need to accomplish.
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