Customer Support Software Built for B2b
We’re refreshing TeamSupport and taking their b2b web platform to the next level by upgrading UI and UX.
eric from teamsupport sent us a task...
“Our dashboard needs a facelift. We’d like to keep the existing colors and structure, but apply completely new UI over it.”
You’ve just scrolled past an old version of TeamSupport. As you can see there’s a lot that could be done when it comes to information overload, oversaturated colors that make you focus on the unwanted sections and UI style that was slightly out of time.
We designed the new UI completely from scratch. The layout and functionality of the web app had to be preserved, but we had our hands free when it comes to styling. We simplified navigation bar and sidebar menu so it’s less distracting and still easy to navigate between different pages. The interface got a fresh coat of paint with modern and understated look which was a great fit for the target audience that focuses on productivity and preformance.
The truth is that we work best with clients who show us trust and give us creative freedom. We will do our very best to share our knowledge with you and use our design hacks to achieve any type of business objective you need to accomplish.
let’s find out if we’re a fit