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Run your company without worrying about design
Koncepted gives you the the best parts of having an in-house design team at the cost of freelancers. Completely hassle-free.
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Unbeatable value for money
Consistent & high quality work
You get a project manager who oversees every design for quality and takes care that everything runs smoothly. We create style guidelines to ensure all our work is consistent and fits perfectly with your brand look.
Reliable and scalable
Personalized for your needs
We work with you to define clear objectives and provide any design service needed to achieve your goals. With our global team of talented designers we can scale the production when your design requirements increase.
Track the progress
Move fast and get things done
Start a project in minutes and get your first designs back in 24 hours. Our platform lets you track the progress and access all of your designs in one place - no more digging through old emails. It also gives you live project updates and provides you with the tools to give feedback at every step.
Workflow focused on productivity
Experience a stress-free enviroment where we can work together to create outstanding results.
  • We focus on client experience and we do everything that’s in our power to establish a long-term relationship.
  • We work fast and our site takes care of assigning tasks to the right person so you get things done as soon as possible.
  • We will take the workload off your shoulders and provide you with designs that you will actually use.
  • sangita from sent us a task...
    “We need a new super simple landing page that fits with existing UI, has a list of all game categories and displays our features.”
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  • grant from matcherino sent us a task...
    “I’m looking to get a new UI for our cards which will be used on our platform to display events, rewards and venues.”
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  • eric from teamsupport sent us a task...
    “Our dashboard needs a facelift. We’d like to keep the existing colors and structure, but apply completely new UI over it.”
    see what we designed
  • latesha from optimizeplayer sent us a task...
    “I need a video player that is easily recognizable and has an interface that can be customized by our customers.”
    see what we designed
  • michael from grover sent us a task...
    “We’ll rebrand in the next 3 months and we need a new logo. It should reflect our core brand beliefs and fit with the vision.”
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  • adam from hackster sent us a task...
    “I have a meeting in two weeks and I need you to beautify my deck. Be creative and do your magic!”
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