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Bringing additional value to
esport live streams

Flinch Bet is the next generation of live streaming, allowing gaming fans
to engage with their favorite streamers like never before.

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We designed an online tool to help people build their career from streaming video games

Project scope

UI Design, App Design, Marketing assets

Work Duration

6 months

A revolutionary approach to streaming

Engage with your stream

One of our most important goals was to create an experience for streamers and their viewers that would interact with and enhance existing content on the stream. The end experience is designed to feel like a competitive event that plays out within a dedicated closed community.

Designing for real-time transactions

Our real-time experiences required a design that captured the user's attention whenever necessary, while also ensuring that primary content could be enjoyed without distraction. The balance we struck was between precision and discretion, perfectly calibrated for our aims.

Betting tools as a form of monetization

Based on our research, these tools can extend a streamer's revenue from donations and subscriptions. The set of modules and flows that we've designed allow streamers to challenge their viewers by participating in real-time betting events.

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Designing for the community

From the start, it's been important for our tools to provide total transparency and responsiveness, while still delivering on excitement and competitiveness. It's now possible to watch your favorite streamers and interact with them and the audience, by betting on micro-events in real-time during the stream.

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“Koncepted has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we have constantly been getting compliments on our website and presentations that they have helped with.”

Grant Farwell, CEO at Matcherino

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Case study - Famepick

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