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We designed a web analytic platform that gives you total visibility of your platform's data and how it's being used.

Project scope

Interface design, Dashboard UI, iIlustrations, Icons, Marketing material, Ad creatives, Investor deck, Promotional landing pages.

Work Duration

24+ months, starting from 2017.

The value of a smart online infrastructure.

Attractive solutions for complex data

How do you make complex data sexy? This was one of the problems Intermix wanted to solve when they reached out to us. We helped them transform their landing pages and marketing materials, with an intuitive design making them stand tall above the competition.

Continually evolving design language

Although we created a strong design language from the start, we never stopped exploring the possibilities of future iterations. This approach is essential to creating a design language that stays competitive, making it an integral part of how we constantly improve.

Experimenting with A/B design tests

In the early stages of growth, we helped Intermix experiment with countless visual tests on landing pages, using various funnels. This proved invaluable in understanding which audience reacts best to which section of the website. Through these tests, we implemented solutions with the highest performing CTAs and most engaging feature content.

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Evolution is key

A key component we've learnt from this project is that, when challenged with a problem that has multiple potential solutions, it's possible to build upon existing iterations in order to produce and refine design language that's exceptional.

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“Koncepted has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we have constantly been getting compliments on our website and presentations that they have helped with.”

Grant Farwell, CEO at Matcherino

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image <ins>Case study</ins> - Mogul

Case study - Mogul

A gaming tournament platform with an engaging interface design and product features that tower above the competition.

image <ins>Case study</ins> - Flinch Bet

Case study - Flinch Bet

Flinch Bet is the next generation of live streaming, allowing gaming fans to engage with their favorite streamers like never before.

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