Digital wardrobe: The future of fashion and tech

Integrating fashion brands into the web3 space

Bridging brands and digital wardrobes

Space is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, offering fashion brands a novel way to engage within the web3 space. Customers and fashion enthusiasts can use Space app to curate and interact with their digital wardrobe in real life, as well as virtual and semi-virtual augmented reality environments

Design meets the future of Fashion

The goal was to design an immersive, futuristic, Fashion Wallet App, positioning fashion brands at the forefront of web3 engagement. Koncepted delivered a concept design that seamlessly integrates with the blockchain tech and virtual reality. The design includes intuitive user interface, 3D clothes, try-on experience, and exclusive fashion brand drops.

Fashion wallet app

Space app provides new channel for fashion brands to engage with users and their fans, and deepens the interaction with the audience by providing exclusive access to drops or events. It is a platform that pushes into the future of fashion and technology.

Project metrics

Work duration
1 month
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