Mobile app that combines Fintech with the thrill of gaming

In the intersection of fintech and gaming, Tiv emerged with a unique fintech mobile app .

Blurring the boundaries: Tiv’s vision

In an age where fintech and gaming are each carving their own significant niches, Tiv envisioned something revolutionary. They sought to merge the world of financial transactions with the thrill of gaming. This was not just about creating an app but delivering an experience that catered to the unique needs of gamers, making everyday transactions more engaging.

Designing for gamers: Our strategic approach

Our journey with Tiv began by immersing ourselves in their vision. Moodboards played a pivotal role, helping us define and streamline the project's style and direction. As we delved deeper, the logo was revisited and enhanced to echo the app's spirit. While the initial UX flows were crafted, we recognized the importance of maintaining a balance. Every design choice was made to ensure that the app, although rich in gamified elements, remained intuitive and user-friendly.

Designing for gamers: Our strategic approach

Creating Tiv was not without its hurdles. Designing an experience where users could effortlessly transition between payments and gaming rewards required meticulous planning. Every tap, every swipe had to be intuitive. Moreover, while gamification was a focal point, it was crucial that the app's core functionality wasn’t overshadowed. One of the most significant challenges was ensuring the rewards system was both transparent and equitable. After all, the goal was to keep users both active and loyal.

As the project progressed, our deliverables extended beyond just a mobile UI/UX design. The logo was given a fresh, contemporary look to resonate with Tiv's ethos. We crafted a myriad of illustrations, from simple icons to detailed 3D designs. To bolster Tiv’s presence, both online and offline, we designed a suite of promotional assets - business cards, payment card visuals, captivating printables, dynamic social media materials, and animations.

Tiv’s legacy: More than just an app

What sets Tiv apart is its audacious approach to redefine the fintech experience. By allowing gamers to link their accounts and engage in quests, Tiv has transformed mundane transactions into exciting adventures. From earning rewards to competing on leaderboards, Tiv stands as a testament to innovation in the fintech arena.

Tiv’s success story is a testament to what's achievable when two worlds, as diverse as fintech and gaming, converge. Through our collaborative efforts, we've not just designed an app but curated an experience, setting a new precedent in the fintech landscape.

Project metrics

Work duration
28 months
Membership plan

In the news

Tiv raises $3.5M series seed round to create the leading payments platform for gamers
Tiv raises $3.5M series seed round to create the leading payments platform for gamers
“Ultimately, our goal is to encourage people to pursue their passion of gaming and use that to touch every aspect of their lives, online and offline,” CEO Jed Strong said in an interview with Crunchbase News.

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