January 25, 2024

Esports Landing Page Checklist: Meets gamer needs

The success of gaming products relies heavily on engaging landing pages. Whether you're introducing a new game or product, it's essential to create a landing page that is both informative and engaging. Our checklist helps you design a page that meets gamer needs and expectations.

Why do gamers need your product?

The hero section is your first opportunity to make an impact. It should feature a straightforward value proposition, a product description appealing to gamers, and relevant visuals. The call-to-action is vital and should be thoughtfully integrated with elements like prize pools and recent victories to boost engagement.

  • Heading contains a clear value proposition for gamers
  • Product description explains the product with buzz-words that appeal to gaming audience
  • Creative direction which includes visual assets and motion that gamers like to interact with
  • Add visual assets from the game to help users identify what the product is about
  • Have one clear Call-to-Action. If the business model allows free-trials, use it as secondary action
  • Add quick actions in Hero Block. It could be open Prize pools, upcoming matches, latest wins

Why should gamers care about leaving the status quo and how does your product solve the problem?

Organize your features in a way that highlights your product's importance. A clear visual layout helps avoid overcrowding, and adding a video walkthrough offers a more engaging presentation. Clearly state what sets your product apart from others.

  • Explain the core problem your product is solving. Try to be short and clear on the communication
  • Highlight main features of your product in a couple sections. Make sure you order them by importance
  • List secondary and less important details with icons and lower visual hierarchy
  • Make sure you repeat the main action everytime it's possible, without overwhelming the page with it
  • Consider adding a video walkthrough

Why should users trust you?

Trust is essential in the online gaming world. Display genuine gamer feedback, user ratings, sponsor logos, and recent activities to establish credibility. Encouraging users to join your community can further solidify trust.

  • Real gamer testimonials telling how your product helped them and how they use it
  • Users rating your product. Could be together with testimonial or an overall score
  • List of sponsors and media logos where the product was highlighted, or well known gamers using your product
  • A section featuring latest activity (users won, matches played, live stream, etc.)
  • An invitation CTA to join the community

What is the next step for gamers and how do you make scrolling fun?

Your landing page should be easy to navigate, with attractive sections and straightforward calls-to-action. Position less important elements like social links and FAQs at the bottom, ensuring they are still noticeable. Use graphics and motion design for clarity and to keep the user experience engaging.

  • At the end of the page, grab the user attention with a visually appealing block and a clear Call-to-Action for a better conversion rate
  • Social links, FAQ, help center, contact are the less important actions but still valid to be presented at the bottom of the page
  • Start with a simple communication and break it down to more complex matters as you scroll down
  • Use graphic elements or simply a good spacing between sections to have a clear indication of continuation
  • Abuse of motion design, don't limit the design to an animated block. Have objects moving from Section A to B, animated backgrounds as you scroll and much more.

In the competitive gaming industry, your landing page can make a significant difference. Use our checklist to create a page that informs and captivates, making your product noticeable. A well-designed landing page is an invitation to explore and be part of the gaming world. Follow our guide to create a landing page that connects, engages, and converts. Enjoy gaming!

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