January 31, 2024

Fintech Landing Page Checklist: Captivate and convert

In the fast-moving fintech sector, your landing page is your online showcase. Our checklist will help you make it engaging and effective for your users. We'll cover everything from making a strong first impression to building trust and providing support. Learn how to develop a landing page that both captivates and converts.

Why do visitors need your product?

Your hero section is key. Use an eye-catching headline, engaging visuals, and a clear call-to-action at the top. Tailor your content to meet diverse user needs and ensure easy navigation to make a memorable impact.

  • A captivating headline that communicates your unique selling proposition
  • Use a visually appealing image or video that represents your product app interface and a physical card
  • Place a prominent CTA button above the fold for users to create an account
  • Have country-specific content and personalised offers
  • Keep the navigation simple and intuitive and segment users by individuals and businesses

Why should visitors care about leaving the status quo and how does your fintech product solve their problem?

Explain what sets your fintech product apart. Focus on its user-friendliness, customization features, and interactive aspects. Arrange your features thoughtfully, keeping the user experience smooth and intuitive.

  • Present how easy it is to use your fintech product and manage finance
  • Incorporate credit card customisations for users to play around
  • Add interactive elements like calculators or quizzes to help users understand what fits their needs
  • Highlight main features of your product in a couple sections. Make sure you order them by importance
  • List secondary and less important details with icons and lower visual hierarchy
  • Make sure you repeat the sign up action when possible, without overwhelming the page

Why should users trust you?

Build trust with client logos, security certifications, and user testimonials. Display performance data and assure users about their financial security. Being transparent is crucial for gaining user confidence.

  • Display logos of reputable clients, partners, and media coverage
  • Include trust-building elements like security certifications and compliance partnerships
  • Build user trust with testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Showcase impressive performance metrics or success stories
  • Clearly outline how is users money backed

How to show your users you're a real company?

Show the human side of your brand. Share your company’s story, values, and culture. Introduce your team and be transparent with financial information to enhance credibility.

  • Share information about your company's history, mission, values, culture, leadership
  • Feature team members to humanize your brand
  • Publicly share financial statements and annual reports
  • Publish open positions and carer opportunities

How to self educate your users about your services?

Educate users with a comprehensive FAQ section and provide real-time support through live chat. Address security issues, guide users, and invite feedback. Strong relationships are key to long-term success.

  • Have an FAQ section and provide clear answers
  • Have a live chat support
  • Address security, terms of service and data privacy
  • Guide users through KYC process
  • Have a system in place for users to submit complaints

It’s about more than just features – it's about making a connection with your audience. Follow these guidelines to elevate your fintech product in the digital space.

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