Medieval metaverse backed by Animoca Brands

Distinctive design for Play-to-Earn medieval metaverse. Train, battle and earn.

Train. Battle. Earn.

Aradena is a medieval metaverse battle game where players can challenge each other and obtain rewards. This play-to-earn game allows users to earn tokens and NFT airdrops, which can be spent in-game or traded on a marketplace.Together with the Aradena team, we designed a distinct brand aesthetic, coupled with a seamless NFT game experience with the marketplace app.

Connect and unite.

We designed an interface that allows players to personalize their warriors and connect with other players. Players can message each other and form alliances by creating Guilds. The result is clean and intuitive, providing players with vital information exactly when they need it.

Distinctive design for Play-to-Earn.

Combining a streamlined workflow with extensive experience in blockchain gaming, Koncepted covered all Aradena design requirements, from website design to marketing assets and illustrations. We ensured that the brand look and feel was high-quality and capable of standing out from the crowd, while our agile approach fast-tracked launch and reduced design revisions.

Project metrics

8,000 NFTs sold within 13 minutes

One of the fastest-generative avatar NFT sellouts in history

372+ design assets created

We were producing designs daily for 6 months straight

3200+ daily matches

There were more than 3200 daily matches for Aradena closed beta

"Koncepted has been a great partnership for us and one that has helped improve our brand and aesthetic incredibly well. They have a dynamic and responsive team that seems to have an expert for every task, coupled with an intuitive and efficient project management system that has provided us with a very enjoyable working relationship and great product results. I would happily recommend Koncepted to anyone looking for a professional and enthusiastic UX/UI company."

Jacob Horgan
Jacob Horgan
CTO at Litoja Labs
Work duration
6 months
Membership plan

In the news

Aradena raises pre-seed round led by Animoca Brands
Aradena raises pre-seed round led by Animoca Brands
The new funding will be used to scale the development of Aradena Battlegrounds. In this immersive turn-based strategy game, players battle with their army of NFTs and earn rewards.

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