Online casino that skyrocketed user engagement

A casino that marries the thrill of iGaming with the lore and appeal of the game it was inspired by.

What sparked this project?

Runestake was looking to break through the bustling world of crypto casinos, aiming to stand out in a crowded market. Their vision? A casino that marries the thrill of iGaming with the lore and appeal of the game it was inspired by.

One clear objective and Deliverables

Our mission was clear. Design a cohesive brand identity, craft an intuitive user interface, and elevate their game assets to new heights.

  • Comprehensive UX/UI design for both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Refined logo to bolster brand identity
  • Alluring marketing assets to captivate potential users
  • Engaging gamified elements to enhance user experience
  • Innovative new games to keep the audience hooked
  • Over 200 bespoke items to enrich the in-game Chests

How did we approach Runestake project?

Melding two worlds - that of a casino and a game - was no small feat. The challenge lay in striking the right balance: ensuring the brand resonated with both the casino-goers and the game enthusiasts. Thanks to our seasoned design team, we achieved a harmonious blend that truly set Runestake apart.

  1. Research and Understanding: We dived deep into the world of Runestake's audience and the game that fueled their passion. Our goal was to align with their needs and aspirations, making the casino a natural extension of the game they loved.
  2. Laying the Foundations: We meticulously mapped out the user journey, creating detailed UX wireframes to ensure the most seamless experience possible.
  3. Design Exploration: We embarked on a quest to define the visual language. The existing logo was fine-tuned to seamlessly blend with the overarching brand narrative.
  4. Gamification and Asset Creation: Once the MVP was in place, we enriched the experience with gamified elements, new game designs, and crafted over 200 unique items for their in-game Chests.
  5. Promotion and Visibility: Our journey didn’t stop at product design. We fashioned promotional assets, from eye-catching homepage banners to engaging social media content.

The Runestake Difference

What makes Runestake truly shine is its commitment to its community. Every decision, every tweak, every new feature was a response to user feedback. By placing their community at the heart of their strategy, Runestake achieved rapid growth, becoming a beacon in the crypto casino landscape.

Runestake’s journey is a testament to the magic that happens when a brand listens to its community. Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to craft a product that resonates, entertains, and most importantly, serves its users.

Project metrics

Work duration
18 months
Membership plan

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