On-chain travel adventures with the help of AI

Where AI agents on the blockchain secure the best hotel deals for your next journey

About TRVL

TRVL is the new on-chain platform being built by fetch.ai. Travel bookings combined using AI to get you the best deals possible. Just tell your AI "Agent" where you want to go, and they'll find the most suitable option based on your criteria. Your Agent will even negotiate with hotels on your behalf!

Creating a Foundation for Design

We wanted to help get TRVL just right, so we started with in-depth UX research, before moving to wireframes. Although TRVL is Web3, with the option to pay with crypto and trade NFTs for discounts, we knew a familiar Web2 design was the way to go here.

AI is complex, but we didn't want TRVL to be

We produced a clean interface that highlights key features of TRVL's unique on-chain booking experience, without frustrating users with unnecessary or confusing details. Our goal was to make the look and feel of TRVL as inviting as the destinations themselves.

Mobile is where a huge number of people make their bookings. We made sure that all of TRVL's options, details and results can be accessed quickly and reviewed at a glance, while keeping the actual visual identity just the same as desktop. With a seamless mobile interface to go with fetch.ai's wonderful TRVL platform, anyone will soon be able to make AI-assisted on-chain bookings on the go!

Project metrics

770,000 hotels worldwide

Bringing AI travel agents to 770,000 hotels worldwide through global distribution system

95% AI negotiation success

95% user satisfaction with AI-driven negotiations with hotels

Work duration
12 months
Membership plan

In the news

Fetch.ai is bringing AI travel agents to 770,000 hotels worldwide
Fetch.ai is bringing AI travel agents to 770,000 hotels worldwide
A Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab announced today the launch of an Autonomous AI Travel Agent network to lower expenses and increase security for hotel bookings.

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