Designing the savings app with gamification principles

Collaborating with Yotta, we enhanced branding, refined UI, and crafted social assets. This aided their $13.2M Series A funding success with Base10 Partners and Y Combinator's backing.

A New Approach to Financial Savings

In a world where the thrill of spending often eclipses the satisfaction of saving, Yotta emerged with a unique proposition. Their challenge was to transform the often mundane task of saving money into an engaging and rewarding experience.

A Systematic Redesign

Our collaboration with Yotta began with the goal of enhancing their branding, refining the UI design of their website, and crafting compelling social media assets. We embarked on this journey with a structured approach: identifying challenges, conducting comprehensive research on potential users and similar products, and plotting a meticulous product roadmap. This roadmap detailed every design aspect we intended to tackle. With a clear plan in hand, we delved into crafting UI screens for Yotta's web app and churning out social media posts in tandem.

Challenges: Making Savings Appealing

One of the primary challenges was battling the widespread perception that saving money lacks excitement. To truly encapsulate Yotta's brand essence, we had to make bold design choices. The design had to resonate with Yotta's ethos of rewarding savings, all while ensuring it was appealing and captivating to users.

Deliverables Tailored for Engagement

Our partnership with Yotta yielded a suite of tailored assets: meticulously crafted UI screens, dynamic motion designs, evocative illustrations, and impactful social media assets. Each design choice was geared towards enhancing user experience and boosting Yotta's brand identity.

Yotta’s Innovative Edge

What truly sets Yotta apart is its commitment to rewarding users for their financial prudence. With the allure of the weekly "Yotta Ball", users stand a chance to win substantial rewards, making the act of saving not just wise, but also exciting. This innovative approach to savings, combined with our design strategy, has positioned Yotta as a standout in the fintech landscape.

Yotta's journey is emblematic of how innovative thinking, combined with strategic design, can reshape perceptions and behaviors. Through our collaborative efforts, we've aided Yotta in crafting a platform that doesn't just encourage savings but makes it an engaging adventure.

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