Centralized hub for managing customer requests

Streamlining support teams with tools that prioritize customer satisfaction

What sparked this project?

A shared goal to streamline and enhance the customer support process. Recognizing the pivotal role of a fully integrated ticketing system in delivering exceptional customer experiences, Geostore was on a mission to create a centralized hub for managing customer queries, requests, and concerns.

Enhancing agent productivity

From ensuring ease of use for both agents and customers to implementing robust tools for ticket management and automation, we tackled obstacles head-on. Our primary focus was to enhance agent productivity, improve response times, and provide personalized support across multiple channels.

Customer support ecosystem

We started with branding design and logo, to ensure a cohesive and memorable brand identity, followed by a visually engaging website, conversion oriented pricing page, onboarding flow and a feature-rich platform.

Project metrics

Improved CSAT score to 78%

Improved customer satisfaction with user friendly design

Reduced first response time

Improved the time it takes for the support team to respond to a new ticket

Lowered customer churn rate

A more pleasing product experience lowered churn rate

Work duration
3 months
Membership plan

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