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Empowering Fitness Creators to Personalize and Streamline Client Workouts

What sparked this project?

The inspiration for Trybe stemmed from the growing demand for personalized fitness solutions and the need for fitness creators to manage their clients more effectively. Fitness enthusiasts and gym trainers alike were looking for a platform that could offer tailored workout plans, meal guidance, and real-time progress tracking. Observing this gap in the market, Trybe was conceived to bridge the divide between fitness creators and their clients

Personalized workout plans

The mission for Koncepted was to create an intuitive and engaging platform that would position Trybe as the go-to app for fitness creators. The goal was to design a user-friendly interface that would simplify the process of building and managing personalized workout plans, enhance client engagement with interactive features, and streamline administrative tasks such as tracking progress and processing payments.

Best-in-class mobile workout experience

We undertook a comprehensive design process to bring Trybe to life. This included user research, wireframing the app and its features, modern UI design and strong identity, and marketing assets such as how-to videos, social media and achievement badges.

Project metrics

Enhanced client engagement

Users spending more time on the app and reporting a more enjoyable workout experience

Streamlined workflow

Easier to manage clients and adjust workouts quickly, leading to improved efficiency and productivity

Creators revenue growth

Streamlined payment processing feature contributed to a notable increase in revenue for fitness creators

Work duration
2 months
Membership plan

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