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Hybe revolutionizes retail therapy

Hybe was born from a desire to transform retail therapy into a thrilling and unexpected adventure. The project addresses the need for an engaging platform where users can discover authentic luxury products through a gamified, visually appealing experience.

Luxury at your fingertips

Koncepted's design makes unboxing an exciting journey of unpredictability, solving the challenge of turning shopping into a competitive experience. Design included a gamified product interface, captivating user journeys, bespoke illustrations, 3D assets, animations, and branding.

Real wins, real fast

Hybe has redefined the retail landscape, turning the mundane act of shopping into an adrenaline-pumping experience. The fusion of design and gamification made a unique space where users experience thrilling journeys of unboxing luxury. Koncepted's design has not only elevated the Hybe brand but has set a new standard for interactive and exciting retail platforms.

Project metrics

Enhanced engagement duration

Design and gamified elements helped improve average time users spends on the platform.

Optimized conversions on hot drops

High percentage of users successfully converting on high-demand and curated fashion drops.

Membership tiers

Users actively claim and engage with new membership rewards.

Work duration
12 months
Membership plan

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