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What sparked this project?

Standing out in a crowded digital landscape is challenging. Creators, singers, and businesses are under constant pressure of elevating their content production. There are key issues of accessibility, affordability, and originality in the realm of music creation.

Goal: Redefining Music Creation for New Era

In the age of AI, we set out to create a cutting-edge platform that redefines music creation for the digital generation. Our design goal was to provide an intuitive space where anyone, whether a content creator, singer, or a forward-thinking business, can effortlessly compose unique soundtracks using simple prompts. With a user-friendly web app and expertly crafted branding, we've crafted a seamless experience that empowers users to shape their signature sound with ease.

AI-Driven Generative workflow

Designing an AI tool requires an AI driven workflow.

A big part of the workflow was conducting rigorous tests to make sure product is optimised for seamless user experience and supports constantly evolving AI music model. Post-launch, we provided design support and regular updates to enhance the product's features.

Project metrics

5.31% conversion rate

Free users who transitioned into premium members. Achieved with user testing and in-depth platform design.

120k unique tracks in 1 month

The rate at which users were generating their unique compositions reflects the platform's significant role in industry.

$0 Customer acquisition cost

The product experienced rapid exponential organic growth and there was no expenses associated with acquiring new users.

Work duration
3 months
Membership plan

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