An esports platform taking over
the Asia-Pacific region

Esports tournament platform with engaging product features and interface
design that stands out from its competitors.

Mogul home page

The Brief

Backed by Razer, Mogul Esports has challenged itself to create the most advanced platform that allows esports players match up against each other.

Having a clear vision and an equally strong partner the Mogul was set to succeed. They came to us to create memorable and engaging design solutions to get them the edge over the competition.


Design and Branding




UI, UX, Logo, Ad Creatives


14 months

Consistent design language
across all mediums

HomePage redesign

Our initial challenge was to rework their home page they gave us full creative freedom to present their numerous features in a clear-cut easy to read manner while still keeping strong
visual appeal.

Evolve or be left behind

Mogul knows the fact that keeping customers engaged takes constantly creating new, remarkable events that all require their signature design language. That’s why we helped them develop a unique, yet consistent design language for all their event campaigns.

Running creative advertisements

Facebook algorithm considers esport tournaments as gambling and forbids the use of weapons in ad banners. To solve the problem we developed a visual technique that could be implemented on banners, which made them pass the requirements while visually conveying the message and keeping the banners appealing.

Mogul Banner
Mogul Banner
Mogul Banner
Mogul Banner
Mogul Banner
Mogul Banner
Mogul Games Mode

Ready to take on the competition

The willingness to take challenges head-on is what Koncepted and Mogul have in common. This is the path that helps us climb the ladder and be among the top players in the industry. With a unique workflow and world-class service, we’re ready to give you a hand and take you to the top.