Esports platform backed by Razer

A gaming tournament platform with product features that tower above the competition.

What sparked this project?

Backed by Razer, Mogul Esports has challenged itself to create the most advanced platform to let esports players match up against each other.

Consistent design language across all mediums

Mogul gave us full creative freedom to rework their home page, which we designed to showcase a multitude of features in a clear and concise manner, all while maintaining a strong visual appeal.

Keeping Mogul's users engaged takes the constant creation of new and spectacular events, all requiring signature design language. We helped develop a unique, totally consistent design language across all of Mogul's event campaigns.

Running creative advertisements

Facebook's algorithms can flag esports tournaments as a form of gambling, and forbid the use of weapons in ad banners. We incorporated visual techniques to use on banners, allowing them to pass all advertising requirements, while conveying content attractively.

Ready to take on the competition

A willingness to take challenges head-on is one of the traits Koncepted and Mogul share. When working with a platform, we tailor our designs to suit the demands of the project. What doesn't change is our dynamic workflow and world-class service.

Project metrics

“Koncepted has consistently delivered quality design, quick turnaround and solid project management. As a startup, we have benefited much from Koncepted as flexible partner for promotional and UI design.”

Marian Kaufmann
Marian Kaufmann
CMO at
Work duration
18 months
Membership plan

In the news

Mogul and Microsoft launch largest Age of Empires tournament in Asian history
Mogul and Microsoft launch largest Age of Empires tournament in Asian history
The company plans to use the capital to expand its capabilities by introducing new games and genres onto the platform in 2024.

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