The world's first decentralized GambleFi protocol

Ridotto invites you to be 'The House' in an open-source casino world.

About Ridotto

Ridotto is a community-driven cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games. It's a casino in which the user takes the role of the “house”.

Ridotto's bold move to empower players

Ridotto was ignited by a vision to transform traditional gambling, replacing centralized ownership with a community-driven, cross-chain protocol. The innovation lies in creating an open-source ecosystem, allowing users to play, build, and bankroll casino games. The project addresses the need for decentralization in the gambling industry, offering players and contributors an active role in shaping the platform.


With a laser focus on attention to detail, our goal was to create a unique design that engages gambling users, with a vibrant design.

  • Ridotto's website
  • staking, farming, and pools flows
  • NFT marketplace and NFT staking

This design embraces decentralized, open-source infrastructure, empowering the community to develop unprecedented blockchain games and experiences.

Project metrics

Work duration
6 months
Membership plan

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