Shaping the next generation of esports champions

Elevating gaming skills through a bespoke Fortnite training platform

What sparked this project?

This project emerged from a need to empower aspiring esports athletes with a personalized training for Fortnite game, to boost their skills and learn game techniques. It tackles the issues with skill progression, tracking, and training.

Epic quests, epic skills

Koncepted designed a strong brand identity that appeals to amateur gamers and motivates them to become Pros.

  • Complete UX flow, derived from user interviews and detailed reports, integrates personalized training experiences based on user progression
  • Advanced onboarding process ensures that users receive tailored training plans for skill enhancement
  • Dashboard structure was thoughtfully designed to adapt to evolving player needs as they progress through their training
  • Gamification components add a fun and motivating aspect, encouraging players to complete milestones and trainings to achieve their desired skillset

Scalable design system

Designing Novos skill training app has been a thrilling journey, pushing the boundaries of design in the esports industry. We designed a comprehensive design system that continues to evolve with the platform's positive impact on aspiring esports athletes.

Project metrics

Enhanced onboarding

Improved onboarding success rate by 25% with advanced onboarding UX

18% player skill progression

Tracked an 18% average increase in user skill progression over a 3 month period.

210+ daily training sessions

More than 210 daily training sessions, showcasing high user engagement

Work duration
23 months
Membership plan

In the news

Training platform for gamers raises $6M in funding
Training platform for gamers raises $6M in funding
A startup launched a training platform for gamers, with a goal to building customized training programs for all kinds of gamers from amateurs to esports pros.

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