NFT exchange for creators and their fans

Own exclusive art made by your favourite star, influencer or artist.

Gamifying the gap between collectors and creators

TopX was created in response to the increasing desire for a gamified NFT exchange. Collectors now have a secure space to create and sell their collections and release them in packs for their fans to open and collect.

Koncepted journey with TopX

Koncepted crafted a comprehensive visually striking art direction, defining a cohesive brand style that resonates with the exclusivity of digital collectibles. Extensive branding included a logo, paired with vibrant colors and abstract 3D assets. Motion animation was big part of the brand language and was applied across promotional material as well as interface interactions.

A trendsetter in the NFT space

Through a strategic blend of innovative design elements, the project set a new standard for visual aesthetics in the digital collectibles space. TopX stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between creators, fans and visionary design.

Project metrics

Work duration
4 months
Membership plan

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