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We assigned a team of top-tier designers experienced in the blockchain market to develop a uniquely futuristic, cyber-tech style for Seedify. The brand look resonated strongly with gamers and crypto enthusiasts, while aptly distinguishing the platform from competitors. Utilizing our agile approach and streamlined workflow, Koncepted helped Seedify to accelerate product launch with minimal design revisions.

Curated Initial
Game Offerings

Seedify allows users to buy the tokens of upcoming blockchain games before they’re listed on exchanges. Users can participate in pools and fund quality play-to-earn projects that are poised to disrupt the gaming industry. With a wide range of projects to choose from, an elegant design solution was needed to convey key information clearly.

round one
metaverse 1
game seedify screenshot 1
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Stake or farm
for tokens

Our goal was to design a streamlined and intuitive interface. Users can easily switch between staking and farming, and are presented with every detail needed to make informed decisions quickly. Ease of use was incredibly important for this assignment, and Koncepted also developed a vivid aesthetic that evokes the new frontier spirit of Web 3.0.


Koncepted optimized platform designs for mobile devices, allowing users to take part in the play-to-earn revolution anywhere. With the advent of play-to-earn, gamers and crypto enthusiasts require access to Seedify wherever and whenever they want. Our smart designs for mobile devices facilitate this, allowing users to view information and make money without interruption.

game seedify screenshot 2

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