Transforming timepieces into personalized showcases

Smartwatch becomes a canvas for personal expression and blockchain verification.


The project was sparked by the intersection of smartwatches and NFTs, aiming to bring digital collectibles into the physical products. It addresses the need for watch faces customisation and for verifying the authenticity of your watch piece on a blockchain.

Digital showcases of individual styles

Koncepted designed an intuitive digital passport app, allowing users to easily customise watch faces and display their NFTs as a fashion accessory. Additionally, users can check smartwatch ownership details and see its history. A intuitive animated website design was designed to onboard web2 users and help them adopt the new web3 watch concept.

Beyond timekeeping

In collaboration with SMW, we carefully designed every brand detail, to ensure the app and watch face designs are visually appealing. Our goal was to enhance the classic watch design, providing a canvas for personal expression without distracting from its timeless elegance.

Project metrics

Work duration
3 months
Membership plan

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