Reimagining grocery delivery with Sustainable design

Transforming grocery packaging waste into an eco-friendly experience

What sparked this project?

Zero is on a mission to reduce grocery packaging waste while ensuring hassle-free home delivery. Tackling the environmental impact of packaging waste while offering carefully picked quality goods is at the core of their mission.

Zero waste, maximum impact

The goal was to establish a compelling online presence for Zero and enhance the overall customer experience. Our design delivered a cohesive set of website pages, marketing landing pages, creative ads, email campaigns, illustrations and more. Steering clear of cliché eco branding, we introduced fresh color tones and unconventional styling to refresh the brand visuals and UI design.

Distinctive 'Z' symbol

In collaboration with Zero, we redefined the grocery delivery experience through a recognisable brand visual identity. A distinctive 'Z' symbol, creatively embodying the mission of 'zero waste.' and the larger goal of reducing environmental impact.

Project metrics

Improved brand recognition

Elevated brand recognition through a distinctive brand identity

15% local packaging waste reduction

A surge in conversion rates and user base resulted in a 15% reduction in local packaging waste

6k visitors in a month

Increased user interaction with the implementation of a more pleasing purchase experience

Work duration
12 months
Membership plan

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